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Bolero Bad Boys

Beautiful boleros, oh how we love those bad boys! Do you agree? Of course you do because a dress is just not a dress without the right kind of shoulder and arm candy that does not take away from the brilliance of the dress. Sneak a peek at our most beloved boleros and wrap yourself in delicious design that decorates the most desirable of dresses for every occasion and feel fantastic in the process.The bolero bad boy is an interesting breed when it comes to the world of what-do-I-wear-with-that-dress. To the unfamiliar eye, or should we say shoulder, this simply is a short jacket, but in reality it is so much more! This go-to garment is so much like the perfect man - it is surprisingly scary in a salacious kind of way! Why you ask? We hoped you would ask because we will utterly enjoy explaining it! This garment is so much like those last few syllables for many reasons. First, because it is so hard to find the perfect bolero. Second, because it also needs to complement what goes under it. Third, it has to have just the right texture to feel pleasant on our skin (our arms are sensitive) and last but not least, it needs to be able to seduce our bodice in just the right away without overpowering the entire outfit. So, now you know why finding the best bolero (perfect stud muffin, short jacket, or bolero bad boy - however you would like to call it) is just as difficult as finding the best man for our taste and fit! Thank goodness we women love those boleros so much, otherwise these bad boys would be quickly tossed into the wilderness of fashion oblivion! Let them always remember that! If you would love to see more of these hard to find creations, just click here! The Wild Curves shop continuously adds more boleros to the mix, so never stop looking for that perfect one!
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