Double Jeu

French designer brand, Double Jeu, is a style defined by relaxation, sexuality and femininity.  Double Jeu, translated "Double Game", ignores all fashion codes and never plays by the rules when it comes to their unique concept of style. Being in the couture business for over 20 years, this fashioner is limitless in their creative designs that have been admired and adored by savvy females across Europe, USA and Asia! The collection comes in a symphony of patterns where cuts and volumes rock and roll with the sensual shapes of the female body. The diversity of pants, tunics, tops, dresses and scarves achieve an unsurpassed total look that can be worn day or night! The spirit of freedom that is the foundation of  Double Jeu is the undisputed benchmark for your wardrobe. The Double Jeu woman remains feminine and whimsical, while having fun with materials and forms to challenge whatever the occasion. It's double the game and double the fun - to stay addicted is to be doubly different and deliciously dressed all of the time!
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