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Love is in the Spring!

A couple of weeks ago, groundhog called for an early spring and we have been saying it all along: Spring is here! Cheers! The sun is finally out and shining bright. You know what that means, it’s time to bring out the smiles. We’ve had our cold, winter bundled up booty fun and are ready to show some leg, shoulders and midriffs now. Hooray for spring, love is in the air! Who doesn’t love the sounds of birds chirping, the colorful flower bulbs blooming and the intriguing buzzing from our beloved Yellow and Black pollinators hard at work. Bees definitely know style…

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Spring is Coming, Ready or not!

We have been waiting for this sunny or rainy (more sunny, less rainy) and totally warm days with baited breath. I am so happy to say we are on the heels of experiencing these peaceful, vibrant and gorgeous days outdoors. If you are like me (and I believe you are) then partially why we love these warm days is because we can finally move in to thin tunics, leggings, shorter sleeves and sexy sundresses.

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Cherry Blossoming Spring Styles

Ahh, the spring air is approaching and the cherry trees are blossoming! It’s our favorite season here at Wild Curves. The hot hues that we love so much on our sexy dresses, tunics, and leggings are all around us now. Just look out your window or go for a relaxing stroll outside and peek at the colorful petals making their way out of the Spring buds on mocha branches. The hot hues engulf our eyes and the sweet breeze of the blossoming season seeps into our noses and lungs and we feel alive again. It’s just about that time to put our warm coats and dark colors away and slip into lighter, brighter more invigorating looks, so we too can be as lively and fresh as mother nature. What will we wear this Spring? Creme Whites, Fuchsia Pinks, Sky Blues, Light Mochas, Tasty Turquoises, Rich Fire Orange and even our classics Midnight Indigos and Beauty Blacks. Slipping into Cottons, Silks, Linens and Nylons never feels as good as it does after the Winter Blues ends and the Spring Sunshine begins.

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Repulsive Rag Of The Day: Lane “Lame” Bryant Turquoise Spotted Dress

Do you love the color turquoise? Me too! Unfortunately, one of our favorite colors, the color of the Caribbean Sea (which is by the way where I am blogging from right now) has been unjustly and unforgivably oppressed in the world of fashion by none other than the foulest fascist of them all: Lane Bryant! The beauty that paints the substance that covers most of our planet has been exploited and turned into the eyesore that “that horrid store” calls a dress, hanging like the repulsive rag that it is on a hanger that has become the jewel on this display! After the appalling misuse of this aqua color, you are assaulted once again with whitehead like droppings consuming the entire surface of this ankle-length ridiculous rag. While at Lane Bryant, my eyes tried desperately to run away from this thing, but tragically were torpedoed with the out of place ruffles that hung slap in the center of the chest. For a split second my mind contemplated, “why would anyone want to play a practical joke on the piquant provocative points?” There is zero funny about our bodacious boobs looking like nothing more than pudgy tasteless pierogies without the stuffing. Even more distaste is added to this drape when they pin a bib-like looking material atop the neckline, for which there seems to be no purpose except to ugly-up their customers even further. What serves even less purpose is the seam found at the midriff and finally this disgrace – what Lane Bryant calls a “dress,” is finished off with narrow straps covering the shoulders. Please people, do not displease yourselves by wearing this or anything that sports such unattractive features for any figure!

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