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Delectable Summer Collection

Finally our favorite season is here! Are you ready to dip into the most delectable, desirable dresses ever? Have you seen our latest and greatest collection from brand Les Fees Du Vent, which by the way designed their entire Summer Line using the world’s most eyelicious and unbelievably scrumptious desserts!

Yes, that’s right, I said that word! Have you ever seen the most distinguished cakes, macaroons, flambes, souffles and chocolate truffles? Well, you are about to see them now, and the best part – we don’t care about calories. We are not going to eat them, we are going to dress in them!

Tell your lovers to get ready because the best seduction is confection! Ladies keep your eyes open, comps ready and your mouths… well do with your kisser as you wish. Here’s a sneak peek to LFDV’s Summer Recipe, exclusively on wildcurves.com!

Now for the best part, for free delivery of as many of those mouthwatering delicacies as you crave simply click here!

Karl Lagerfield: “No one wants to see fat women on the runway!”

What do you think, feel or believe about Karl Lagerfield’s statement: “No one wants to see fat women on the runway!” Lagerfield spoke freely, as he always does, on jeanmarcmorandini – here’s your chance to do the same!

Just to you give you a hint, wildcurves.com says: “WTF”! Although, we probably do not have to say a word and you all would’ve known our thoughts before we even thought it!

Drop Us A Line…Thoughts, feelings; all vents are accepted and admired!

Bolero Bad Boys

Beautiful boleros, oh how we love those bad boys! Do you agree? Of course you do because a dress is just not a dress without the right kind of shoulder and arm candy that does not take away from the brilliance of the dress. Sneak a peek at our most beloved boleros and wrap yourself …

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Bosom Bench Dress

Do you love getting compliments on your clothes? Do you crave to be in garments that no one else has? Do you get inspired by unique, hard to find styles, patterns, materials, and colors because I always do! Are you searching far and wide for that fabulous fashion? Me too!

Here’s a dress I found during my fashion pursuit! It is certainly unique even in an artsy painting sort of way, but it is missing something – this was my inkling upon my first glance. I then took another glance and a third – and there it was in black, white, yellow, and beige – this dress would be steaming hot down the runway if the model had curves! Most importantly, if the curves would be in all the right places – especially in the zone of the provocative points! This dress by itself is certainly different – no doubt about that. But how much more unmatched and distinctive would it be to imagine this robe worn by a curvaceous bodacious boob model? And then, reveling at the site of men lounging on them – definitely interesting! See for yourself!

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