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This summer: A Land of Petite Partying – Venetian Style

We are about to embark🚀 the land of petite 💃partying. Although, we are not sure if our internal party 🩁animal is ready to party yet, we are sure that we need new dresses👗 to seal the celebration. This summer can you say: Venetian style party. No, it’s not a once a year masked ball, these times require wearing a matching mask to keep safe and sound from that dreaded Rona, or COVID-19 for short. Thus, we are armed and ready to bring you these not only gorgeous wearable art masks (to match your dress) but also with Hydrophobic filter for protectionđŸ˜·. Our masks are dual layered and the exterior is made of breathable Cotton, while the interior is a non-woven polypropylene filter.

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