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Lucky Colors To Wear in 2021

It’s that time again when we want to know the lucky colors for another new year, 2021. Or do we? Of course we do! 2021’s predecessor certainly rocked us much more than we ever expected, so all of us can’t wait for it to be over. Will you be dressing up this New Year’s Eve or looking for that perfect pair of leggings to feel cozy all night long? According to Feng Shui, Silver/Grey, Yellow, White and Green are the colors to bring magical miracles and lavishly lucky days to you in 2021. We, like you, feel the need to just leg up and tunic down. So, we have compiled our fave tops and bottoms to bring luck to each and everyone of you.

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Fall’ing In Love Forever

We have a secret that is so big, so beautiful and so brilliant that we can’t keep it quiet any longer! Les Fees Du Vent has made a grand entrance on the world’s Fashion Stage and has appeared wearing a new even more magical style than ever. Cecile, LFDV’S master artist and creative clothing chef has transformed this already fairy tale like fashion into wearable works of art exclusively for Wild Curves – are you getting hungry yet to learn what inspired this scrumptious style? We know your appetite is sizzling and your thirst is drizzling to know more. So, bon appetite dress-a-licious divas – the main course is filled with the tastes of Van Gogh, the tales of Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” and the elegance of Paris’ most renowned Cathedral: Notre Dame while induced with seductive sides of Victor Hugo’s romantic and medieval themes.

This entire nouvelle couture collection is even more enhanced to providing the most optimal fit for all women of all calibers and shapes. The material has been upgraded to 500+ thread count of cotton, thus creating even clearer and crispier colors to magnify all designs and hand-made appliques on the fabric.
All of the new collections for the Fall/Winter season have been uniquely named and we know you can’t keep your curiosity contained any longer, so here it is!

Arianne Collection is all about: Medieval Romance . This means you will see dresses, tunics and pants with hand-made flower appliques, lace on the waist and at the hem as well as images of the Notre Dame Cathedral uniquely positioned on the garments. All of these enhancing features are placed in just the right spots on your bodacious bodies to create the sexiest of spotlights for every curvy angle!


As you can see, the hues here are hot and very appealing in shades of gorgeous greys, bold blues, natural greens, pale yellows, coffees, and of course sugar whites and classique blacks.
WARNING: Style Preview Here:

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Dzhavael Couture Discovered

Wild Curves went in search of a style that would allow females of all seductive shapes and ages to be fabulously dressed in the latest Parisian design – we sought, we spotted, we snagged! Imagine a style that flatters figures of all frames and agrees with mindsets of all ages: yes, we know this fashion seems fictional, but quite the contrary! It is so real that you can touch it, you can wear it, and most importantly, you can and will feel sexy in Dzhavael Couture!

A dress we came across by Dzhavael and fell in love with! Here’s why we are so infatuated with this garment: the material is soft to the touch and the color is not too bright or too dark, just the right winter shades. The fit is true size and beautifully outlines your bodacious boobs and midriff, while a-lining at the hips delivering a traditional feminine look! To see more details on this dress go here!

Don’t you just love skirts? Yes, we do too, especially this one – pair it with a cute top and you have yourself a sizzling outfit! Black with grey stripes and a red hot zipper running from the waist down to the knees, but what’s truly unique is the cut – it is asymmetrical! While this skirt stops above the knees, the sides flow to the mid calf creating a flirtatious flare when walking or dancing! Get it here!

Olive with multi-colored patchwork – a true gem among garments! Want to show off your bodacious boobs? You can with this low cut v-neckline. You can also show off your long legs and shapely hips in this proactive piece! To learn more, go here!

A tasty top that celebrates your curves with a standing ovation! Black and red design on a zip up in the center, this cardigan looks great with sexy skirts and slacks a like! See more here!

With sheer mesh sleeves and a jagged hemline this unique tunic is mismatched with solo button at the top. You will love how it looks with pants, jeans and even leggings alike!


To purchase these hard to find and uniquely designed garments by Dzhavael Couture (tasty tops, delicious dresses and sexy skirts) in sizes Small-XXL visit our Wild Curves shop!

Parisian Preview Sale: Giani Forte and Dzhavael Couture

UPDATE: Our curvy shop is open for business NOW on ALL desktops and mobile devices (no need to send e-mail and payments are NOW safe and secure via our shopping cart). To go shopping for the sexy styles found below, go here! Shopping for that “curvylicious” dress, perfect pant, sweet and sassy skirt or even …

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Giani Forte: Hot And For Grabs

Here is something to get excited about – wildcurves.com, your most beloved curvy blog is ripening its fashion fruit and flourishing into a more refined style central with the delicious addition of our online sexy shop! We all know how hard it is to scamper through numerous stores looking for that one outfit, skirt, dress, pant or even top that will sit just right on our bodacious bodies, fit right into our friendly gatherings, and of course hit our wallets without ripping it at the seams. Forget about all those painful unpleasantries – you can now rely on wildcurves.com to do all of the fashion leg work for you! We will continue to bring our blog to you so that you will always be on the forefront of curvy fashion from Europe, but you will now have the added satisfaction of stocking up on your favorite styles straight from us.

Wild curvy women, wait no longer, here is what you want to hear and here is how you can get it. I know the outdoor temperatures still make us sweat, but here is something else you will get hot about – Autumn colors and feels. The new fashion season is rolling out the runway carpet with colors such as cherry reds, ocean blues, chocolate browns, smoky grays (I am referring to the color, not the smoking hot character Christian Grey), and of course the classics – reds and blacks! As for the touchy feely department, the Fall season is bringing smooth leather-like textures to our skirts, shirts and even leggings. Both form-fitted and free-flowing pants are seen walking down the runway, but no worries – French fashioners know how to keep our curvy shapes looking sexy in all attires. Parisian couturier Giani Forte, a favorite of mine – complementing figures 12-24+, uses exquisite colors in just the right places with unique designs to allow us to change everything from length of the hem to width of the waist in just a pinch of a button in pants and skirts alike.

Here’s a look at Giani Forte’s Fall collection. Oh and the best part, other than the curvy calibers 12-24+, you can grab (Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘grab’ as: get a hold of, capture, get one’s hands on, acquire) them here!

Set your alarms ladies to wildcurves.com and our Facebook page – the shopping start date will be revealed within the next few days!

Alain Murati: Two Shades Of Gray

If you have read My Fashion Fully Figured In French page, you know that one of my favorite French fashioners is Alain Murati, a master of camouflage for curvy calibers ranging from 14-28 (US). The pieces I am about to present have two shades of gray (not to be confused with the book ’50 Shades of Grey’). Both dresses, one ending at your ankles and the other at your knees, but wait, do not be deceived, it is not just limited to stopping at the knees. This unique garment can move up and stay in the place you find it to be according to your utmost pleasure.

Deceptive Dress: I will not keep you in suspense. Here is what you crave! The darker of the shades with a thick white, lightly-speckled stripe that escapes from the neckline straight to the hem. Remember do not be fooled, yes I realize there is not much spectacular about a wide line going from top to bottom…but maybe there is! The key to adorning our curves is always straight and long. Why you ask? Because we have the gift of curves, we do not need a designer to present them to us in their dresses!

Alain Murati Deceptive Dress

Curvy Lesson 101: In order to find clothing to complement our curves, look for pieces that *at least have a straight cut (that does not mean the material should be narrow, it can and should stretch to conform to our shapes) or design going from the neckline to the midriff (it can be a *stripe, zipper, or the cut of the garment etc.) this will give the illusion of length to our height and force the eye to fall at just the most sexually appealing spots on our shapely bods.  That is the first reason why I love this dress!

(*Note 1: “at least” because you may desire attire of various length: ankle or above the knee etc.)

(*Note 2: “vertical only,” explained in “Rag of the Day” striped dress page)

Next, a little tidbit: (maybe not so little) the noted stripe also gives a standing ovation to our provocative points (I think we all know what I mean by that! If not, send me a message on this site or on WildCurves Facebook page and I will be happy to explain).

Let’s talk about the sleeves. If you do not see anything extraordinary about them, then look again! Keep looking down till you get to the wrists and you see the cuffs- well, these actually travel behind your forearm and create hidden mini-wings. These wings shape your arms giving them a sleeker toner appearance.

My favorite part of the body and I hope it is yours too: the hips – our signature statement! Take a look at that juicy detail on the dress. Similar to what I mentioned about the sleeves, Mr. Murati does the same for our hips, but with ample wings. These wider wings smooth and lengthen the berry of our body completing and perfecting our silhouettes.

Last, but surely not the least distinguishing part of this dress is the length: the radius of the hem is designed a little bit tighter than the rest of the dress, therefore allowing the wearer to pull it up or down and find the length that they desire. Yes, it stays in place due to the narrow radius of the hem.

So, you can transform this dress into knee length or a mini depending on your hip’s desire!

What have we learned from this robe (French for dress), do not judge a dress on it’s hanger! Try it on and let your curves do the judging!

Pocket Dress: The lighter of the shades, this dress is on the classical side for style and taste. A sweetheart asymmetrical neckline outlined on one side with an even lighter shade of gray giving an attractive, highlighting look to your collar. If you want to smooth and elongate your middle, this dress is right for you! The big pockets are an important addition to this piece because they take the attention away from the waist and center it closer to the hip area, but don’t worry, only very subtly. So, if you cannot decide whether or not to reveal those hips – this is the perfect dress because it does a little of both!

Alain Murati Pocket Dress

Giani Forte: A Sneak Peek

Giani Forte Seductive Skirt Giani Forte Seductive Skirt BackGiani Forte Full Exposure TopGiani Forte Hot Lime Jacket FrontGiani Forte Hot Lime Jacket Back Giani Forte Very Seasonably Versatile  SkirtGiani Forte Very Seasonably Versatile  Skirt Skirt BackGiani Forte Jarring Slinky JacketGiani Forte Commanding Your Curves Skirt FrontGiani Forte Commanding Your Curves Skirt Back

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