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District 2026: The White Lights

Ever felt like organizing an all white gala, but couldn’t because your wardrobe just didn’t have the colors to match such an event? Well, we can thank up and coming designer 2026 from the city that made feeling free famous: Amsterdam – for bringing the sincere shade into our sexy suits! 2026, also known as Deux Mille Vingst Six (in Dutch) is a unique fashioner situated in the Netherlands designing all Dutch made women’s apparel with a new collection every six weeks!

If you shuffle this futuristic named label’s summer collections, you will notice that while many colors outline the clothing, there is always one pervading pure color popping and peeking through their exclusive designs: white! Although we relish the days of exposing our curves to naughty colors, we can now likewise savor seeing our sexy shapes in another light – the glow that makes the light so luminous: white (and yes, of course in all the right places)!

This white sweetheart sheer neckline dress with lace sleeves and a splash of blue, black and yellow flowers on our right hip shows off the chest and waist, while A-aligning the hips and illuminating them into a smoother hourglass shape.

Don’t forget to look closely and catch a glimpse of the little unique designs splattered all over from top to bottom of this knee-length dress.

2026 seduces shapes 6-16! Smile!

For more white gala gorgeous garments, click here!

Speak Skirt, In French

Skirt or “jupe” in French is what we gals love to flirt our sexy stuff in! Do you agree with me? If yes, then you must also agree that we love to parade around in beautiful summer stylish shades such as: hot pink, bold orange, ocean blue, rose red, wild white, and of course our forever favorite: …

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Fireworks Of Sundresses For The Summer!

Summer is here, let’s get those sexy sundresses and parade around in styles fashioned in France! Fire up your curves with designer dresses from labels ME and Deca, beautifying all women of calibers 4-20! Now, feel free to dress up for the 4th of July! Curious to see new arrival dresses for the Fall/Winter French collection, …

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Dress ME In French!

Are you looking for designer fashion made just for you? Do you want to delve into designer couture that understands your curves and loves them? Do you crave the made in Paris label, but thirst even more for it to actually be sewn with threading produced in France in the tradition that made Paris the world capital of fashion? I know you do and that is why I am revealing couturier ME to you. Glance at the uniquely designed summer tunic dress – it is oh so trendy and chic! Surely you already know why I just had to have it in my wardrobe!

ROCK IT! Totally rocks both day and night looks. Wear it to work with a cute summer blazer or a jeans jack. Grab your stilettos, throw off the cover up and hit the happy hour floor –  all in one tunic dress!

SHAPE IT! The shapeliness of this dress is very alluring. It turns a sexy spotlight on 3 areas: bust, waist, and our juicy curves – smoothing out any imperfections and forming an illusion of a perfect hourglass figure!

COLOR IT! Color scheme – black and white, in all the right places with a touch of cafe on the side. By the way this same dress also comes in sky and sea blue with a touch of white.

DESIGN IT! Uniquely beautified with a zipper running from the chest down to the thighs, ruffles of various lengths pinned on parts of the skirt, and the back is tied up in corset-like laces.

ME, a flawlessly named label with creative collections designed solely for the fashionably focused female! Sexy calibers ranging from XS-XXL. For more similarly sexy french designers, go here!

Slip Into Sexy This Mother’s Day!

A multi-party dress (by ME). If your appetite calls for one dress for many occasions, then this is the one! All black with a red thread contour pieced with two layers of material, fitted sleeves and waist with a flared skirt. The underlying material is a New York City scene in black and white. Match it with a stiletto plat boot (Jessica Simpson) and your curves are ready for all sorts of excitement!

Dolcezza ensemble. If you want a “Sex in the City” look this outfit is for you! Uniquely designed form fitting top that pronounces the provocative points is paired with a flyaway zippered down skirt with orange stripes in the center. Match with Jessica Simpson belted brown boot for an ultimate flirtatious trio!

A quartet of designers that can only be worn as a trio at a time. If you are lusting for clubbing attire, then you have found it! All black top with see-through sleeves and leather-like cuffs, elongates the waist and outlines the breasts is designed by ME. Hot colored top with a similar style, but longer length is designed by Planet Interdite. Stretchy, uniquely decorated pants outlining the waist and hips but a straight fit through the thigh by Lauren Vidal. The hot-colored stiletto plat (Jessica Simpson) concludes the quartet!

Black, purple, and pink patched dress (by ME). If you want to show off your bust, but masquerade all that falls below it, then this piece is for you! Couple it with a hot pink platform sandal (Jessica Simpson) and you have yourself a date!

Dolcezza black and white dress. If you are longing for a traditional elegant style without the ball gown length, then this dress is for you! Featuring sweetheart neckline, framed waistline and flaring side skirt at knee length, this dress dazzles the curves and serves up a delicious duo with a sandal platform by Report!

More Colors To Light Up Your Curves This Summer

Do you want to feel like a firecracker this summer and light up the dance floor? Well then check out this fire red dress! Designed by Darkwin and definitely a winner among dresses (Sizes: S-XXL). Here is why this dress will love your curves: 1- “V” NECKLINE. Take a close look at the neckline. What …

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Curvy Scoop: Futuristic Shopping

How is the world of technology transforming retail? This seems to be a sexy topic. How would you feel if you never had to walk into a store again and you could do all your shopping needs (even trying on clothes and shoes) all with the simple clicks of a few buttons? What if your …

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Curvy Scoop: Negative Sizes: Deception Or Reality

If you are like me, you are constantly searching the net for new and interesting fashion – from skirts, to shoes, to dresses, and even unique, but comfy yogini wear!

Occasionally, in the midst of my fashion pursuit, I come across fascinating news and that is exactly what happened to me today! While rummaging through plus size fashion links on reddit.com, my eyes gravitated to an article entitled: “Most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia’, claims plus-size magazine in powerful comment on body image in the fashion industry.” When I read that title, I admit feeling a bit uneasy because if you are like me, you probably only heard about those three strange letters at a doctors office and forgotten them as soon as you left. Plus, I always associated those alphabetic spews with overweight issues, but here it was in black and white connected to anorexia.

Then it hit me, of course this makes perfect sense, this article is describing those skinny stick figures that we see toddling down the runway! I always knew that they looked unhealthy and could never imagine why designers want them parading in their attire or even why fashioners design for negative sizes anyway.

As I contemplated this a little further, I realized that not only is stick-skinny unhealthy and ugly on the runway, but it also poses a dire danger to the minds of women (of all ages) in our community. Everyday real women (including girls of single-digit ages) are brainwashed into thinking that skinny is sexy and that must be achieved at all costs. This is a fatal philosophy that has gone airbrushed for too long! I want to share this article with you in hopes that you will take it to heart and keep your soul, psyche, and shape healthy, no matter the stereotypes you find in the world of style – because remember there always will be a degree of deception in fashion! Our job is to look again!

Please share your thoughts on “curvy scoop, ” or on wildcurves Facebook page!

Alain Murati: Two Shades Of Gray

If you have read My Fashion Fully Figured In French page, you know that one of my favorite French fashioners is Alain Murati, a master of camouflage for curvy calibers ranging from 14-28 (US). The pieces I am about to present have two shades of gray (not to be confused with the book ’50 Shades of Grey’). Both dresses, one ending at your ankles and the other at your knees, but wait, do not be deceived, it is not just limited to stopping at the knees. This unique garment can move up and stay in the place you find it to be according to your utmost pleasure.

Deceptive Dress: I will not keep you in suspense. Here is what you crave! The darker of the shades with a thick white, lightly-speckled stripe that escapes from the neckline straight to the hem. Remember do not be fooled, yes I realize there is not much spectacular about a wide line going from top to bottom…but maybe there is! The key to adorning our curves is always straight and long. Why you ask? Because we have the gift of curves, we do not need a designer to present them to us in their dresses!

Alain Murati Deceptive Dress

Curvy Lesson 101: In order to find clothing to complement our curves, look for pieces that *at least have a straight cut (that does not mean the material should be narrow, it can and should stretch to conform to our shapes) or design going from the neckline to the midriff (it can be a *stripe, zipper, or the cut of the garment etc.) this will give the illusion of length to our height and force the eye to fall at just the most sexually appealing spots on our shapely bods.  That is the first reason why I love this dress!

(*Note 1: “at least” because you may desire attire of various length: ankle or above the knee etc.)

(*Note 2: “vertical only,” explained in “Rag of the Day” striped dress page)

Next, a little tidbit: (maybe not so little) the noted stripe also gives a standing ovation to our provocative points (I think we all know what I mean by that! If not, send me a message on this site or on WildCurves Facebook page and I will be happy to explain).

Let’s talk about the sleeves. If you do not see anything extraordinary about them, then look again! Keep looking down till you get to the wrists and you see the cuffs- well, these actually travel behind your forearm and create hidden mini-wings. These wings shape your arms giving them a sleeker toner appearance.

My favorite part of the body and I hope it is yours too: the hips – our signature statement! Take a look at that juicy detail on the dress. Similar to what I mentioned about the sleeves, Mr. Murati does the same for our hips, but with ample wings. These wider wings smooth and lengthen the berry of our body completing and perfecting our silhouettes.

Last, but surely not the least distinguishing part of this dress is the length: the radius of the hem is designed a little bit tighter than the rest of the dress, therefore allowing the wearer to pull it up or down and find the length that they desire. Yes, it stays in place due to the narrow radius of the hem.

So, you can transform this dress into knee length or a mini depending on your hip’s desire!

What have we learned from this robe (French for dress), do not judge a dress on it’s hanger! Try it on and let your curves do the judging!

Pocket Dress: The lighter of the shades, this dress is on the classical side for style and taste. A sweetheart asymmetrical neckline outlined on one side with an even lighter shade of gray giving an attractive, highlighting look to your collar. If you want to smooth and elongate your middle, this dress is right for you! The big pockets are an important addition to this piece because they take the attention away from the waist and center it closer to the hip area, but don’t worry, only very subtly. So, if you cannot decide whether or not to reveal those hips – this is the perfect dress because it does a little of both!

Alain Murati Pocket Dress

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