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WC Hoodie = Next Level of Comfort

When buying real estate, we think location, location, location, and fashion is no different. It is always about your location. So, where are we headed next month, is to the beloved fairy tale land of Bora Bora, Bahamas, or a secluded island off the coast of – oh, gosh, who are we kidding – any island will do! You name it and we are there! We ladies are always ready with our suitcases to be sent away…

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WC Wear Abouts For Your Euro Trip

Summer break is just about upon us and along with those gloriously warm and sunshiny bright days comes our favorite activity (other than shopping): vacation! After all, shopping and vacation are absolute best two activities, especially when paired together. So, let’s talk about what to wear, and where? On vacation, of course…

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Pantalons, With A Parisian Cut

Do you sometimes feel the need for comfort, but still want to stay sexy and stylish?Do you occasionally get tired of wearing skirts and dresses and desire a more manly bottom, without the manliness? Well, then we have a lot in common in this area as well! Here is what I do when I feel …

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