Smashing Pumpkins? I don't think so! Smash! from Barcelona, you know, the one of many cities in Spain with unbelievably gorgeous beaches, men with sexy swimsuits and women with stunning rears - this is the birth place of our newest, but not youngest designer brand name. This women's dress collection that inspires women to "dress their personality" comes straight from the minds of this brand's designers. But, how do you dress all of our personalities as we have many different personas? Smash does it by creating three different lines within their female collection, and within those lines there is a new collection every season totaling three very different dresses, skirts, tunics, pants and more - twice a year! Come travel with us and explore all of the stylish seasons with a variety of personalities, colors, patterns and a patchwork of fabrics that will leave you craving more Smash! daily!
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