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Forged by meaningful happenings and by its handicraft origin, Savage Culture proposes creative collections, curious and daring with strong colours and personality. Fashion as the expression of values, transforming the act of being dressed in feeling life with passion, emotion and imagination, with humour and fantasy. A utopia transforming reality, which value is the free expression of the being by forms and colours that transcend the merely visual, creating a feel of belonging and empathy. The creation of the Savage Culture garments is made by a harmonic and almost handcrafted process, due to the fact that in just one garment we can find elements like embroideries, crochets, patches, rhinestones, and loads of elements that enhance the product. The rustic look the Savage Culture garments require a “controlled imperfection”, studied variations that are achieved by putting the traditional handcraft techniques at the service of design. Conceived to last, its imperfect essence is kept by carefully respecting its natural qualities.

Savage Culture: Pink Sand Beach Cotton Coat Sarayu

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Savage Culture: Pink Sand Beach Cotton Coat Sarayu

  • Fall/Winter Collection
  • Inspired by Pink sand beaches of the world, is this colorfully embroidered and uniquely designed Cotton coat that will leave onlookers speechless and glam eyed!
  • Scoop neck
  • Colors of Pink sand beach embroidery throughout
  • Long embroidered sleeves
  • Solid Black Back
  • Gorgeous stand out coat!
  • Electric and eclectic
  • Hits about mid-thigh
  • Hot Hues: Pink sand beach with a touch of Sun yellow, Rose Red and Turquoise sea
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Made in Spain
  • Ships Immediately in: SMALL

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