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Forged by meaningful happenings and by its handicraft origin, Savage Culture proposes creative collections, curious and daring with strong colours and personality. Fashion as the expression of values, transforming the act of being dressed in feeling life with passion, emotion and imagination, with humour and fantasy. A utopia transforming reality, which value is the free expression of the being by forms and colours that transcend the merely visual, creating a feel of belonging and empathy. The creation of the Savage Culture garments is made by a harmonic and almost handcrafted process, due to the fact that in just one garment we can find elements like embroideries, crochets, patches, rhinestones, and loads of elements that enhance the product. The rustic look the Savage Culture garments require a “controlled imperfection”, studied variations that are achieved by putting the traditional handcraft techniques at the service of design. Conceived to last, its imperfect essence is kept by carefully respecting its natural qualities.

Maloka: Kids Boats & Lighthouse Adventure Art Mask (With Filter, 1, 2 & 3-Pack, More Art Patterns!)

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Maloka: Kids Boats & Lighthouse Adventure Art Mask (With Filter!)

  • Fall/Winter 2020/2021
  • Style up with a matching outfit mask - inspired by Gauguin's Still Life and Boating Expedition artwork.
  • Easy to wear
  • Elastic/adjustable hooks behind the ears (to make smaller or larger as needed)
  • Fits children (2 sizes available)
  • Sizing: 3-6 years old and 7-12 years old
  • Flexible metal clip at the nose for extra comfort
  • TNT protection filter
  • Hydrophobic filter for guaranteed viral barrier/protection (Large volume filter with high ability to retain impurities and elimination of a wide range of particle sizes.)
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Unisex color patterns
  • Hot Hues: Wave Blue, Sun Yellow, Vanilla White and more!
  • Fabric: Exterior - 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane, Interior - Hydrophobic non-woven filter fabric with homopolymer polypropylene (TNT protective filter).
  • Machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use Bleach, do not dry clean. Medium/delicate cycle when drying.
  • Made in Portugal
  • Ships Immediately in: MY SAILBOAT & LIGHTHOUSE
  • For more art patterns for adults and young adults, click here!
  • Please note: This item is non-returnable (as per World Health Organization safety guidelines).
  • We are donating $0.50 to the CDC from every purchase
  • More kids art patterns coming soon! To pre-order, text us: (310) 876-2523 or email:
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