Pygmees Paris

Pygmees is our hot new Parisian styled brand. Wearing an authentic Pygmees dress or tunic means traveling back in time and into outer space because the designs, although classic, are also sprinkled with a certain type of supernatural magic that creates sexiness for all that wear it. Step into this glamorous garb and realize you're on the edge of Rabanne's, Cardin's and Saint Laurent's European moda. Once you've put these beautiful pieces on, the comfortable fabrics like cotton, bamboo fiber, and spandex brush smoothly against your skin and you are rejuvenated again! A Pygmees dress also recalls the glamorous elegance of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn and this is because Didier Chekroun, its creator, is also a musician which lends more positive energy and sensual shades to all of his Pygmees designs.
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