Paul Brial

Inspired by the tastes and spirits of the South of France, this brand transcends from the hills of a province named after a celebratory drink: Champagne! The flavors, colors and rich energy of Champagne are some of the intriguingly sexy attributes of this brand's designs. There fashion motto is to dress the everyday active woman with styles that possess assertiveness and sophistication with a flair of seduction in a ready to wear feminine line. This philosophy speaks for itself through the luxurious fabric, forward-thinking cuts and stunningly beautiful colors.

Paul Brial: Fancy Footprint Multi-Pocket Vegan Suede Jacket

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Paul Brial: Fancy Footprint Multi-Pocket Vegan Suede Jacket

  • Fall/Winter 2022
  • A quad of front pockets, pull tie waist and a lightweight Vegan Suede is this unbelievably comfy coat!
  • Buttoned down closure
  • Double breasted and double sided pockets
  • Pull-tie waist
  • Lightweight and comfy jacket
  • The perfect little jacket
  • Hits a little below hipline (Length in Size T1 - 67 cm or 26.37 in)
  • Hot hues: Amber Orange
  • Fabric: 90% Poly, 10% Elastane
  • Machine wash cold, inside out. Delicate cycle
  • Made in France (Imported from Portugal)
  • Ships: 7-10 days

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