Les Fees Du Vent

Are you in the mood for playful, colorful and fairy tale like fashion that will transform your magical style dreams into reality? Then we have the perfect Parisian couturier for you! Introducing French fashion line: Les Fees Du Vent, translated "Fairies of the Wind". Filled with patterns and embroidery, this collection makes 10 flirtatious and poetic motifs for each season and wildcurves.com is the exclusive and official online retailer to carry this sexy style! In our store we got unbelievably colorful, sexy dresses, tops, leggings and more from Les Fees Du Vent! Here's a little more fairy dust for you: each garment from this fashioner fulfills figures 6-20 and is always made in France! Limited quantities of these gorgeous items are available, so don't wait to be seduced by this flirtatious fashion! Shipping is FREE, and you have 14 days for return and  exchange!

Les Fees Du Vent Layers of Flowers Dress

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Les Fees Du Vent Layers of Flowers Dress

  • Spring/Summer Collection
  • Do I feel like wrapping myself in elegance?
  • Featuring a multi - layered/colored dress that resembles rose petals by design
  • Low V-Neckline
  • Double - layered rose centered at the cleavage
  • Side zipper closure
  • Hot Hues here: Rose pink with a dash of Tangerine Tango
  • Machine wash cold inside out
  • Fabric: 100% Poly
  • Made in France

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