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Fall for Thrills

Oh my gosh, can you believe it we are already in September, definitely a month to remember in more ways than one. This fall, we walk into the breezy and colorful days smarter and stronger than we have ever before. Our desires have evolved and so has our fashion style. Our feminine spirit is filled with much more confidence than ever. We stand tall, we walk with a jump under our step because we know how valuable we are. With that we bring you the new fall arrivals that will not only excite and comfort you, but we promise it will also align with your evolving self. Crazy vibrant colors, invigorating cuts and the softest of fabric that will leave you wanting to stay in them 24/7. Now let’s talk about some style specifics. For those of you that have a love-hate relationship with cowl necks, guess what, we have the removable kind. Yes, that’s right, leave it on or take it off, you are the boss of you cowl. When it comes to coats, yes we all know about the double zipper, but let’s think on a higher level. In addition to double, we’ve got you protected in a side double zip too. Imagine a cold day and you really want to keep your coat on while driving, now you can not only pull the zip from the bottom up, but (wait for it), you can also pull it on the sides. Keep the warmth and add more comfort – this is what our fashion is all about.

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Spring Blooms and Sun Cheer For Our Wardrobe

Yay, we are finally springing into blooming warm days with sunny smiles and we are crushing on maxi dresses, cropped denim, mini blouses and so much more. Our only condition this season (other than the usual unique art patterns and crazy cuts): all styles must be bewitchingly comfortable!

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Lucky Colors To Wear in 2021

It’s that time again when we want to know the lucky colors for another new year, 2021. Or do we? Of course we do! 2021’s predecessor certainly rocked us much more than we ever expected, so all of us can’t wait for it to be over. Will you be dressing up this New Year’s Eve or looking for that perfect pair of leggings to feel cozy all night long? According to Feng Shui, Silver/Grey, Yellow, White and Green are the colors to bring magical miracles and lavishly lucky days to you in 2021. We, like you, feel the need to just leg up and tunic down. So, we have compiled our fave tops and bottoms to bring luck to each and everyone of you.

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Mask up to make a powerful fashion statement: keep safe, not sick!

Halloween or not, it is the time to mask up. Unfortunately, it’s not a Venetian ball, it’s Rona or in more technical terms, COVID-19 – a pandemic that has not only divided us but for some, has separated family/friends for a long time. We are all deeply devastated by how this pandemic has rocked this country (and the world). We have an opportunity here to keep each other safe by merely wearing a fashion statement covering our mouth and nose, while at the same time looking chic.

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It’s Time to Warm up with the New Winter Arrivals

I’m just going to jump right into the warm, colorful coats and extra long vests we have going on this season! The fabulous artists are back: Michelle Louis from Wisconsin, Laura Lein Svencer from Chicago, Irina Orlov from California and many more! The colors are vibrant but not overpowering so just enough to still give you that standout look for winter. And let’s not forget that while our puffer coats and vests are warm, they are still light as a feather. In particular, we have really been taken by the extra long vests – they are a total superpower when it comes to comfort and movability. If you have little kids like me, you know how important it is to be able to run around while holding a ton of stuff and still feel warm and look trendy – these XL vests are a lifesaver in that department for sure! These winter coats have come in all lengths: from ankle length to mid-length as well as in the form of short jackets, and we are crushing on the removable hoods! The wearable art that’s become a favorite so far is the Black Butterfly Metaphor, Red 3 Grafitti and Heads Up In Color so make sure to click wildcurves.com/dolcezza not to miss these must-haves for your new winter wardrobe!

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This summer: A Land of Petite Partying – Venetian Style

We are about to embark🚀 the land of petite 💃partying. Although, we are not sure if our internal party 🦁animal is ready to party yet, we are sure that we need new dresses👗 to seal the celebration. This summer can you say: Venetian style party. No, it’s not a once a year masked ball, these times require wearing a matching mask to keep safe and sound from that dreaded Rona, or COVID-19 for short. Thus, we are armed and ready to bring you these not only gorgeous wearable art masks (to match your dress) but also with Hydrophobic filter for protection😷. Our masks are dual layered and the exterior is made of breathable Cotton, while the interior is a non-woven polypropylene filter.

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Stay Bright and Vibrant With Us

We are grateful for your continued loyalty during these extraordinary times. Everyone here at WC is committed to continuing to provide the best possible shopping experience always. Now more than ever it is important to stay bright and vibrant to keep our spirits up. We want you to know that we are continuing to operate but with special precautions. All orders are packed in gloves and thoroughly steam cleaned before shipping out. We are also expediting all orders to ship same day if placed by 1pm EST. Our team is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we will be making adjustments as necessary. Please stay tuned to updates via our Facebook page as well as via email. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email: info@ wildcurves.com, or via Live Chat directly on wildcurves.com or call/text us to (310) 876-2523.

We are here for you as always to brighten your day with fabulous styles. Be well, stay home, shop healthy and shop happy on wildcurves.com!

This Valentine’s Day: Dress From The Heart

This Valentine’s Day is all about feeling good and loving the woman within. We are crushing on our freedom of style. Whether your outfit is a dress, skirt ensemble or tunic/legging duo, feel free to express your individual look of love. Our newest arrivals will be your guide to opening your sexy spirit just in time for this special day and bringing a flair of romance to your wardrobe! It’s time to align your heart with your inner fashion diva and love every moment of it! 

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Lucky Colors for 2020

Yay, party time ladies! Can you imagine the new year is just around the corner? Did you know it is the year of the Golden Rat? That’s right, you read correctly – the year of not just any vermin, but a golden one. I wanted to shriek when I learned that, but upon further reading I came to understand there is so much more to this Chinese zodiac sign than a garbage eating pest we come to associate it with. First, if you felt grossed out like me, just know it is normal, so no need to beat yourself up. Second, and here is the clincher – in order to strengthen your luck in 2020, Feng Shui tells us to teach ourselves to go with the flow. Think about how water takes the path it is guided to and does not put up a fight or struggle against the current.

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Paul Brial: Transcending from the Hills of Champagne

Inspired by the tastes and spirits of the Northern France, Paul Brial transcends from the hills of a region named after a celebratory drink: Champagne! The flavors, colors and rich energy of Champagne are some of the intriguingly sexy attributes of this brand’s designs. Its fashion motto is to dress the everyday active woman with styles that possess assertiveness and sophistication with a flair of seduction in a ready to wear feminine line. This philosophy speaks for itself through the luxurious fabric, forward-thinking cuts and stunningly beautiful colors.

Let’s look at some of this designer’s best dressed summer favorites.

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