Alain Murati

French designer complementing sizes 10-28. A master of camouflage with the use of pockets, wings, zippers and more. If you are looking to show off those succulent curves, then wait no longer, Mr. Murati is just the French man you have been looking for. Oh, and what is even better - his dressalicious designer wear is, it is sure to satisfy above and below for all double digit curvy calibers!

Alain Murati Belted Top Long Sundress


Alain Murati Belted Top Long Sundress AM_BELTEDTOP

Alain Murati Belted Top Long Sundress

  • Spring/Summer Collection
  • Am I ready to flirt my belted beauty in this Maxi dress?
  • Sexy spotlight: Bodacious boobs, juicy hips
  • Featuring a leather belt strap top and side pocket design
  • A signature sundress in the Murati Paris collection as it masterfully camouflages and creates the illusion of an hourglass figure without any singes instead completely comfy!
  • Scoop neckline
  • Sleeveless with thick straps: one-sided leather
  • Drawstrings at the hem allow for lengthening or shortening to your desire
  • Left hip: pocket design
  • Draped at the right hem
  • Long sundress: falls at the ankles
  • Hourglass stitched from the bodice to the ankles
  • Hot Hues here: Naked Navy with a sprinkle of delicious caramel stitching and belted strap)
  • Machine wash cold inside out
  • Fabric: 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane
  • Made in France
  • Ship Immediately

$50 In stock
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Alain Murati Belted Top Long Sundress Alain Murati Belted Top Long Sundress
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