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About Us

WILD CURVES was born soon after writer and curvy fashionista Anna K and high-tech hacker and violinist Goykhmanster probed the globe to find designer clothing that no one else had, but that every woman of all sizes (from petite to plus size) would not only be a perfect fit for, but also be the envy of all the fashion savvy females on the planet! Before they even knew it, a family business was born as they traveled (with rebel son Michael at a young age of 2 years old) to Paris, the style capital of the world. To this day, we keep with that same philosophy and have grown from just 2 brands from France, to 30 brands from Italy, Spain and Portugal too! Although we have increased our selection of brands, styles and sizing, we have kept with the same philosophy: dressing women in unique European boutique styles with a personal touch - Allowing only our own family members to work with our customers keeping their shopping experience even more fabulous than the last! To this day we are all one big family from the customer service people to the store's style choosers to our customers - who are those gorgeous women walking in our styles throughout the globe! Our promise: to continuously provide a dress to kiss shopping experience! Mwah!
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