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S'Quise Paris: Gingham Check Zip Dress/Tunic

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Product Details
Brand: Squise Paris

S'Quise Paris: Gingham Check Zip Dress/Tunic

  • Fall/Winter 2020/2021
  • Cute and comfortable is the name of this fashion game!
  • Outlined scoop neck
  • Partial zip at neckline
  • Lace details at zip
  • Solid color block sleeves
  • Gingham Check front/waist to hem back
  • Color block hemline
  • Color block upper back
  • Straight cut
  • Can be worn as a dress or tunic
  • Hits slightly above the knees
  • Hot Hues: Black and Platinum
  • Fabric: 60% Poly, 25% Viscose, 10% Nylon, 5% Elastane
  • Machine wash cold, inside out. Delicate cycle
  • Made in France
  • Ships Immediately in: 42, 46 (1 Left in each!)
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