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S'Quise Paris: Azteca Shift Sundress

Simon Chang Canada: Seduce Me In Pink Sundress (Almost Gone!)

L33 Paris: Luscious Rose Bouquet Dress

Savage Culture: Creme Au Lait Embroidered Tunic Irene

Luna Luz: Linen Gauze Tri-Dye Asymmetrical Swing Dress (Ship Immed, 2 Left!)

Savage Culture: Champagne Pink Embroidered Swivel Hem Dress Thiare

Les Fees Du Vent Couture: Pantalon Baby Blue Splash

Savage Culture: Little Gionda Sweet Hummingbird Jumpsuit (NEW: Play Mommy & Me Match Up Dress Up!)

Lauren Vidal Silver Sexy Pant

Double Jeu Paris: Skirt Babe

Lauren Vidal Juicy Jacket

Savage Culture: Lotus Pull-Tie Waist Coat Garland
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