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IPNG: Mermaiden Shuffle Hoodie Puff Jacket

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Product Details
Brand: IPNG
Country of Manufacture: Turkey

IPNG: Mermaiden Shuffle Hoodie Puff Jacket

  • Spring/Summer 2023
  • An unbelievable view under the sea is this stunning combination of colors and overlapping of fabric design in this zip up hoodie jacket! Ships Immediately (7-10 days) L/XL, XL/XXL (1 Left in each!)
  • Black/White hoodie with matching ties
  • Zip up closure
  • Interior in Orange mesh
  • Long puff sleeves with dual patterns
  • Underwater illusion sleeves in Blue and Purple
  • Cuffs in Orange
  • Solid black hemline
  • Comfy fit with stretch
  • Simply stunning jacket
  • Comes in 2 length belly button and waistline
  • Hot Hues: Purple, Blue, Black, White, Orange
  • Fabric: 95% Poly, 5% Elastane
  • Made in Turkey
  • Please allow about 35-65 days to ship (custom, made to order)
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