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Who's ready to spring into summer? I certainly am! The sun might be shining bright but the winds are still blowing strong. Mother nature is not quite ready to give into summer yet but we all know sooner or later she will. When she does, will you be ready with your wardrobe? If you are not sure, you should not be. If you are feeling panicky, we are here to put your fashion mind and soul at ease, actually I should say at pure joy and extreme happiness.

I think you know exactly why but I will mention it anyway. We have many new styles coming in for summer that will brighten your days and put fabulous smiles on your faces. Not only do we have stunning sundresses,

we also have crazy comfortable sporty wear that you do not have to wear to exercise (well, you can if you want to).

Seriously though, feel free to wear our sporty wear for running errands, picking up the kids from school and dropping them off to their sport practices, while you just enjoy life and look super pretty at the same time.

Now let's talk sun, fun and summer vacation vibes. If you are craving the turquoise, crystal clear sea, soft white or pink sand under your feet then, you know you need a few staple resort wear pieces to get going.

This summer is all about the gorgeous colors of the Amalfi Coast. We are talking about juicy Oranges, vibrant Lemons and let's not forget incredibly delicious Pink grapefruits and tangy Limes.

If you are feeling aperol or even tequila vibes, you are right on and also let's not forget the deep purple sunsets with matching seashells.

Next, this lovable season is trending jacket and blazers.

We are going all out with our blazers. This is not your regular boring blazer. These blazers can be worn as sporty jackets since they have hoodies and interior zips plus exterior buttons. Let me tell you they can also be worn as dresses or tunics with leggings. Don't knock it till you've tried it because it's just so cute and totally comfy.

Whether you like your jackets, hooded, rounded at the hem or in front to back art, we have it all.

If you decide to wear your jacket as a jacket, well then why not pair it with the right dress?

On a side note, have you seen the field of Red Poppies yet? Here it is in dress format:

And here it is again:

and again:

Don't forget if you fell in love with any art print here, you can also find it on a top to pair with the perfect cropped pant! Here are some:

Stay tuned for more styles for summer. If you are looking for something specific or if your size is sold out, remember to send us a little style note to our inbox!

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