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Beach Wedding Dress Ups

So, you’ve been invited to a beach wedding and you don’t know what to wear! No problem! Think vibrant colors, super cute and comfy. If you need a little shade, covering those shoulders with light weight Cotton or Linen will do the trick…

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WC Hoodie = Next Level of Comfort

When buying real estate, we think location, location, location, and fashion is no different. It is always about your location. So, where are we headed next month, is to the beloved fairy tale land of Bora Bora, Bahamas, or a secluded island off the coast of – oh, gosh, who are we kidding – any island will do! You name it and we are there! We ladies are always ready with our suitcases to be sent away…

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WC Wear Abouts For Your Euro Trip

Summer break is just about upon us and along with those gloriously warm and sunshiny bright days comes our favorite activity (other than shopping): vacation! After all, shopping and vacation are absolute best two activities, especially when paired together. So, let’s talk about what to wear, and where? On vacation, of course…

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Click To Load Summer

Who’s ready to spring into summer? I certainly am! The sun might be shining bright but the winds are still blowing strong. Mother nature is not quite ready to give into summer yet but we all know sooner or later she will. When she does, will you be ready with your wardrobe? If you are not sure, you should not be….

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Love is in the Spring!

A couple of weeks ago, groundhog called for an early spring and we have been saying it all along: Spring is here! Cheers! The sun is finally out and shining bright. You know what that means, it’s time to bring out the smiles. We’ve had our cold, winter bundled up booty fun and are ready to show some leg, shoulders and midriffs now. Hooray for spring, love is in the air! Who doesn’t love the sounds of birds chirping, the colorful flower bulbs blooming and the intriguing buzzing from our beloved Yellow and Black pollinators hard at work. Bees definitely know style…

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Smooth and Fab 2024

Every new year brings new ideas, new thoughts and for many people new resolutions. I, for one, have never appreciated the “what is your resolution for the new year” question. I remember the first time I heard this question when I was in fourth grade. It was the first day back from winter break…

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