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Are You Ready To Dragon Into 2024?

Every year around this time, the same thought runs through my mind and gets archived in this blog: how can we be just a few weeks away from the new year? So, here we are again, merely four weeks away from 2024 - the year of the dragon. Last new year we talked about Pink and Black as some of the lucky colors, but for 2024 it is all about Red, White and Yellow. A very interesting combination. Have you ever tried to put Red, White and Yellow roses together or tulips for that matter (or even carnations) - it is a sight to behold. All three of these colors have something in common, they all possess a strong, vibrant energetic field. These colors can stand together or apart but their vibe never waivers. These colors always exude solid confidence whether they stand alone or in the company of their tribe. This also holds true for the dragon. The dragon, much like these colors, is a sign of authority, strength and groundedness. Typically, we talk about just wearing the colors in the new year to bring us luck, but today I'd like to focus on another perspective. What if we bring on the mindset of strength and really feel the ground under our feet to exude confidence even before we slip into dresses of these colors? What if we can transform ourselves from the inside out and our favorite dress ups will simply complement what we already hold true? Let's be the very empowerment that we seek and dress in those colors to add to (not create) the solid foundation that we already possess. Let's let our creativity come from within and then our dresses will shine exponentially! 

Here's a tidbit more on Feng Shui's take on the year of the dragon. It is part of the wood element and therefore very earthy. Other colors to wear could be Green, Coral, Gold, Royal Blue. The earthy aspect of the new year 2024 brings with it a focus on peace, sharing, and listening. This is a time when the wildest of dreams have a high possibility of coming true. So, this is your chance to stand up for your dreams by embodying the very energies associated with the dragon.

Here are the dress ups that you will want to add to cart for your New year's Eve gala and beyond in 2024

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