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(Continued – Part 2) The Story Behind the G!oze: Paint Me A Hot Pink Flower Flared Dress

When hot Pink paint ran out, a new painting was born and with this new art comes yet another inspiration for a dress by G!oze. We last left off when the anonymous artist found himself in a dilemma. His love's favorite shade of Pink was sold out everywhere in Europe. The artist could not face looking at this woman that he loved so dearly just to explain that he could no longer produce a painting with her favorite color. He decided to hide the Paint Me a Hot Pink Flower painting since it (out of no fault of the artist) contained only one hot Pink flower petal on each of the 5 flowers. He hid it in a secret paneled closet in the basement of his chateau and hoped he would never set eyes on it again. Without another thought he decided to leave everything behind and travel to far away lands in search of that perfect shade of Pink that the love of his life loved so much. He was prepared to take his journey to Asia, Australia and even Africa. He would not stop until he found that particular shade of Pink paint. When his love arrived home later that evening, she was excited to feast her eyes on the new masterpiece. But to her surprise, all she found was opened buckets of paint in various shades of Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

She called on him but no one would come. Then she searched for a letter but there was nothing. She fell to the floor in complete confusion and desperation with tears running down her cheeks and eventually falling on the blank canvasses that lay below her feet. Why were there so many White canvasses and so many opened buckets of paint and none of them had her perfect color? Her madness took over and she began to throw paint everywhere and all around her, some spilling on the blank canvas closest to her. This went on for a long time, but it felt to her as if time had frozen. After a while, she stopped crying and looked at that canvas. Although the energy around her felt too painful for words, the canvas that lay in front of her brought her a curious kind of comfort. Maybe it was because it reminded her of him. She was astonished that in the midst of such immense pain and sorrow she was able to create something so beautiful. Wow, she thought, I can't stop looking at this painting. "But, it does not have my favorite color on it." This painting had no Pink, it had lots of color, but no hot Pink. "But I love it!" The Blue resembles water, and the Green grass and Yellow looks like flowers. The Red are lips. All of these thoughts running in her mind.  She wished he was there to see this. Her eyes kept staring at this painting in complete awe of herself and that her love was nowhere to be found. Just as her eyes were devouring this painting, not with the same orgasmic feeling as she did his painting but still powerful in its own way, she remembered what he had always told her every time she sat on his lap falling in love with another one of his masterpieces: "My love, remember, a work of art is not a work of art without your signature, so let's make it ours now." It was at that very moment when she saw it. How could she have missed it before? There, at the very bottom corner of this canvas was a speckle of hot Pink paint! It was a tiny little drawing, it resembled a map. She couldn't see it without grabbing a magnifying glass and there it was clear as day. The journey that her lover had set on was laid out step by step on this tiny map. There was no question in her mind, she was going to leave tonight. But, before she left, she made sure to sign her work of art. This is how the inspiration for When Hot Pink Paint Ran Out Flared Dress came alive. Do you think the artist will ever return? Or will she track him down? Do you want to see how the dress came out? See the painting below, click to see the dress!      

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