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The Story Behind the G!oze: Paint Me A Hot Pink Flower Flared Dress

A brand born in the streets of Cannes, France, and sewn near the beaches of Lisbon, Portugal, shares the story of this intriguing dress (and which can also be worn as a tunic with cropped legging - a justifiably super cute and comfy look as well!). The inspiration for this dress design comes from an anonymous artist (maybe you can guess his name) who loved a woman. This woman only desired Hot Pink flowers. And so their love story begins...

The artist would spend long days finding only the right shade of Pink paint and long nights splashing it on his newest masterpieces just to keep the love of his life happy. Invigorating him with her every smile as she devoured his paintings with her eyes. This went on for decades until one day, her favorite shade of Pink was nowhere to be found. The artist had bought it faster than it could possibly be made. He searched all over France and even all throughout Europe, but no one had it.

In utter devastation, he returned to his studio not knowing how he could explain to this woman that he loved more than his own art, that he could no longer make what she longed for every day. He did not know if he would ever see and feel that passionate energy, one that created almost an immediate orgasmic feeling in the room each and every time he presented her with a new piece of art. So he used the very last droplets of the that intriguing Hot Pink shade and designed a painting very different from other works. He had to make some flower petals in Red and the background in White, Black and even spots of Green because those were the only colors he had in abundance. Since there was a total of five flowers on his painting, he hoped he would have enough of that very special Pink color to cover at least 1 petal on every flower. And this is just a part of the story about how this dress design was born.

What do you think happened when the artist showed his newest painting to the love of his life? Curious to see how the dress came out? See it here.

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