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Mask up to make a powerful fashion statement: keep safe, not sick!

Halloween or not, it is the time to mask up. Unfortunately, it's not a Venetian ball, it's Rona or in more technical terms, COVID-19 - a pandemic that has not only divided us but for some, has separated family/friends for a long time. We are all deeply devastated by how this pandemic has rocked this country (and the world). We have an opportunity here to keep each other safe by merely wearing a fashion statement covering our mouth and nose, while at the same time looking chic. So, why not make this statement and make it loud and clear: wear a mask, not just for fashion, but for solidarity in keeping the human race safe, not sick. There are very few times in life when a remedy and fun can be combined in one. In my opinion, this is just that time. We can have fun in our masks and know that we are keeping each other safe (or safer), so why not?! Scroll to see some of the fun masks we have just for you. For truly dress-up style masks, we have ones with lace hardware, pearls, rhinestones, visual illusions and more! For everyday casual masks, we have Monet themed art masks with double filter protection sewn in. All masks are washable and adjustable behind the ears as well as at the nose. The Maloka masks are also a breathable Cotton with a TNT protective filter that serves as a viral barrier and these have been lab tested to ensure optimal protection. To see the entire mask collection, click here!

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