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This summer: A Land of Petite Partying – Venetian Style

We are about to embark🚀 the land of petite 💃partying. Although, we are not sure if our internal party 🦁animal is ready to party yet, we are sure that we need new dresses👗 to seal the celebration. This summer can you say: Venetian style party. No, it's not a once a year masked ball, these times require wearing a matching mask to keep safe and sound from that dreaded Rona, or COVID-19 for short. Thus, we are armed and ready to bring you these not only gorgeous wearable art masks (to match your dress) but also with Hydrophobic filter for protection😷. Our masks are dual layered and the exterior is made of breathable Cotton, while the interior is a non-woven polypropylene filter. They are washable and re-usable with extended built-in nose comfort as well as adjustable contours behind the ears. We are happy to also share with you that $.50 from every purchase is donated to CDC. Our hope is that we not only keep all of you ladies stylish and protected from that female dog pandemic but that the vibrant art colors in our garments bring your soul joy and satisfaction every day.

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