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Lucky Colors for 2020

Yay, party time ladies! Can you imagine the new year is just around the corner? Did you know it is the year of the Golden Rat? That's right, you read correctly - the year of not just any vermin, but a golden one. I wanted to shriek when I learned that, but upon further reading I came to understand there is so much more to this Chinese zodiac sign than a garbage eating pest we come to associate it with. First, if you felt grossed out like me, just know it is normal, so no need to beat yourself up. Second, and here is the clincher - in order to strengthen your luck in 2020, Feng Shui tells us to teach ourselves to go with the flow. Think about how water takes the path it is guided to and does not put up a fight or struggle against the current. In this way, the water is the current and so if you desire luck in the new year, become fluid and let go a little bit of the tight grip and control you have previously thought you needed in life. With that said, let's talk about the colors that will help set our mind on this very goal: Blue, Gold and White are said to be most lucky. Grab a dress in one of those colors (or all three) and dance the night away on New Year's Eve knowing that you are already setting up the path for success in the new year! We are here to help find just the right dress in the right color for you!

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