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Fall in Love, True Love

This fall season is about everything that makes you feel good. Here's the fashion crux of it: all colors rock this season, all cuts seduce too. Whether it be simple cuts, short, long and everything in between, you name it: it’s coming and it’s cool for fall! You can really embody 'fall in love' this year! What’s really peaked my curve buds this season is wearable art, and we have stocked up on tons of it! I think wearable art will make all of you wonderful ladies feel a sense of enjoyment and pride when walking down the city streets, hallway at work or simply strutting down your driveway to grab the mail. Wearable art is truly an art because it combines abstractism with style, and we all love sexy combinations like that. It is the time of the year when we feel the most rejuvenated and ready to revolutionize our closets, to detox from the sweaty days and embark on the new, stronger and better fashion. If you have not sneaked a peek at our extraordinary wearable art collection, I encourage you to do so right this second. If you already have, then you are already wearing it, because it is just that irresistible. You will see art dresses, tunics, coats, vests, tops and more by various artists from all over the world. To name a few: Carol Staub from Florida, Paul Kenton from England, Edcha from France and many more. You will also notice the vibrant colors and awe inspiring motifs with such vivid pictures that will make you feel as if you are inside the artwork, not just wearing it. The fabrics have not suffered either, in fact they have become softer, and the puffer coats have become lighter while still holding true to the same warmth that we all love so dearly. Lastly, as with previous seasons, this season is no different in that your eyes will thank you. More importantly, your body will not need to crave comfort and style because that combination is always a given on Wild Curves!

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