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Spring is Coming, Ready or not!

We have been waiting for this sunny or rainy (more sunny, less rainy) and totally warm days with baited breath. I am so happy to say we are on the heels of experiencing these peaceful, vibrant and gorgeous days outdoors. If you are like me (and I believe you are) then partially why we love these warm days is because we can finally move in to thin tunics, leggings, shorter sleeves and sexy sundresses. All of this hard work we did to endure the cold temps has paid off, and we are ready to move into our favorite styles! Here's the style calendar for the Spring/Summer 2019 - it's all about abstract prints, patterns and the highs/lows of skirts, dresses and even tunics. This Spring we love Rose Red, brushed Turquoise, Lovely Lavender, Vanilla Bean Whites, Sun Yellows and even Mint Greens - the more vibrant the color the better! Open you soul and see what favorite colors are released. Wear it, show it off and feel the smiles hit your face as you receive endless compliments from all that passes you by!

Are you ready to commit to Spring and eventually Summer? We are ready to show you our favorite trends for our favorite season.

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