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2019: Year of the Lucky Pig Colors

I can't believe it is that time of the year again when we contemplate the colors in our wardrobe and decide if it satisfies our hunger for luck in the new year! We are about to embark on the year 2019, which is the year of the pig. It is the 12th zodiac sign according to the Chinese calendar or Feng Shui. The pig, as interesting of an animal as it is, comes from the water, fire and metal elements. Therefore, to encourage luck in the new year, we recommend wearing colors from these elements. The luckiest color for 2019 is Blue as it symbolizes the water element and the secondary colors are Red, White, Platinum and Gold.

If you like to play creative color dress-up (as I do), then you will enjoy mixing, matching and complementing the lucky colors with other secondary colors such as Orange, Pink, Green, Purple. We leave the rest up to your style imagination!

We have a smorgasbord of lucky dresses for the new year. Come see our lucky array here: wildcurves.com/dresses.

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