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Plaid: The Pretty Powerful Style

Plaid has always been around in some manner of color, but this season plaid is taking on a whole new level of style. Boxed, curved, asymmetrical linear on dresses, skirts, tunics, pants and even booties! I have never been in love with plaid. In fact, you could say I hated it with a deep seeded passion because it brought up dreadful associations with buttoned down shirts (ones that you primarily see construction workers wearing) - so not me! I must share that something has changed inside me because I have warmed up to the idea of plaid so much so that I found myself wearing plaid (White/Blue) booties with Solid Wide Leg Cropped Pants and Jacquard Rosette Chocolate Asymmetrical Top alongside a fit and flare Blue Jacquard Rosette Coat (just this passed weekend). Not to brag, but not only was this a comfortable ensemble but boy did I feel powerful, like a female CEO. As I strolled down the streets of New York on a breezy evening, I caught the up and down glances of women in admiration of my coat and bootie choices. One woman even threw out a smile and drummed up an "I love how you paired that!". If you sneak a peek in my closet, I must admit that you will also find a Navy/Yellow Plaid Hooded Tunic along with Navy/White Plaid Cropped High Waisted Pants and even a little Cotton Plaid V-neck Sweater (that I simply adore!). Plaid has really pushed its way into my wardrobe this season - did I mention the Asymmetrical Plaid with Jacquard Dress? I have not worn this one yet, but I am looking forward to it with a passion.

I invite you to explore a possible plaid passion that you may have. I would not be surprised to learn that it is lurking deep inside and you are not even aware that it is there, but it is and it is calling for a power beauty dress-up time with you !

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