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Love The Lucky Look: Dress Colors for 2018

It's almost that time again when we want to know what colors will bring a whirlwind of luck into our lives. The new year is just a few weeks away and this is the year of the Dog. The Dog, an earth sign, consists of five elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth. Those that can relate to the earth element will find themselves calmer, creative and cared for. To bring yourself closer to earth, the Feng Shui colors for 2018 are Green as this color represents the wood element along with Blue and Black. You may remember that last year at this time we mentioned the Fire colors: Red, Gold and White. This year for a reasonable amount of luck and fun, feel good when you wish to wear fire colors once more as these too are part of the earth element.

Lucky Looks - Fashion Must haves:

For Ultimate Luck: This year we have a very special Ice Princess collection that is of course Blue and White. You will notice Blue lace trims, cameo prints, 3D combined with print for a magical illusion on a fabulous Chiffon fabric. If you want luck each and every day in 2018, wear these styles:

If you desire to slip into Green, we have Pink Forest dresses, Green Jacquard flower sweaters and flute gown skirts.

For the forever Fire Red lovers, sneak a peek at our Constellation dress, which by the way also comes in Blue. For more Red hot styles, we invite you to grab a gander at the Colored Diamond dress and don't forget the Rose Petal jacket!

Check out even more lucky numbers here and did we mention that matching stockings, tights and all around sexy little things will transform a lucky dress into a seductive ensemble?

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