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Sneak Up on Maloka Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

We have slipped into 2017 - it is over our heads and about to shimmy down our bodacious bodies, and we are feeling a bit chilly now. Well, it is only natural - we are in the middle of winter (even the West Coast feels it), but I understand, I am, after all, a lady. Every lady has a certain amount of hatred for the cold weather and day old snow. Most of all we hate that terrible feeling when we run outside wearing a sleeveless dress (even with a warm shearling coat), and for a split second it feels like we have turned into an ice sculpture. It is at that very moment when it all comes snowing down on us that it is not summer and not even spring. This is when we truly begin to understand our loathing for winter since we are dragged away from our love for those sexy little things we wear in the warm weather. For almost 5 months we crave dresses without stockings, tunics with capri leggings, short thin pants and sleeveless everything, and it's at that moment when we think we just can't take it anymore and are about to book a one-way ticket to Bora Bora. But before our fingers press enter on the payment confirmation button, we are reincarnated once again as Mother Nature smiles on us all over again. Sorry to have taken you there but it is in fact still January and still cold. Don't despair, I will try to make it up to you by revealing a sexy little sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 2017 Maloka Collection - yes it is ready to wear and arrives to Wild Curves in just 3 short weeks!

The entire Maloka SS17 Collection colors are modeled after the delectable, delicious and so beautiful French Macaroons. Take a peek at these scrumptious colors:

Shop our Spring/Summer 2017 Artisan French Macaron Dress collection here.

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