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Style Up: Lucky Fire Rooster 2017

Can you believe we are heading full blast ahead into 2017? It was just this time last year that we were discussing lucky colors. If you wore the Feng Shui colors we suggested then, you must be having quite a prosperous year and looking forward to more truffles and champagne for an even sweeter and sexier 2017!

For those that don't know (and in my opinion this is a science, so lots to read up on), energy can be explained using various colors. The reason for this is that we cannot see energy, but we can see colors and so if you think of energy as a foreign language, a way to translate this language into some form of communication that we can understand is through colors. These colors represent various kinds of energies, and how they effect us on a daily basis is important. 2017 is considered to be the year of the fire rooster and the energy of this special bird is represented by the colors of red and gold (or yellow). The rooster signifies the fire element, so wearing various other colors within the red and gold family is also considered lucky.

Speaking of other lucky colors, here are some of them for 2017:

Interestingly, Feng Shui tells us that wearing colors from the wood element is also lucky because the wood element creates the fire element. Here are the lucky colors corresponding to the wood element:

For matching jewelry, go with rubies or rose quartz.

Now it's time for my favorite part, choosing what to wear! Your first destination: wildcurves.com/dresses. Every holiday season, we receive new arrivals to specially coordinate with new year's lucky colors because we know you want to see them! So, it's not just "All I want for Christmas," it's also "All I want for the lucky New year!"

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