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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017: Quick Snaps for Chats

It might be getting chilly mostly everywhere (except Aussie country) but Milan is ready and awake for the new Spring 2017 arrivals. Yes, I said 2017 and mentioned the season of spring, the one that blooms colorful flowers after all those dreary showers. If you are curious to see what those stick figures are wearing, we are about to tell you. Not only that but it's always just as interesting to see what the onlookers are wearing as well as the observers and the street walkers.

We are seeing street style starlets in palazzo pants with platforms. Checkered shirts and jeans also made their way past funky bow tie back skirts and crayola-colored type sneakers. Then the real deal arrived: Giorgio Armani lace lounge wear and stunning Gucci embellished gowns appeared in solid red following one of our favorites Moschino Smoking and highly flammable radiant styled dresses. Just as eye-gawking was the reflective showroom of awe-inspiring Jimmy Choo's footwear. No, these stylish soldiers are not just for staring, they are the ready-to-wear next season's hottest feet fashion. Later, there was the oh so romantic Roberto Cavalli with his 70's inspired long jeweled gowns fit for a female ready to rock the night away in darkness and decadence.

A show is a show is a show, but what happens when Fashion Week moves into the ready-to-wear world? Are you really ready to wear heels thin as a toothpick begging you to take a taxi that you've spent your life savings on? Maybe you are or maybe you are not: you decide. Or how about those dresses with sewn in jewels all over your rear - I wonder how it feels to sit on those babies. What I don't want to ponder is watching them dribble off my dress and roll down the long windy staircase of a night club I planned to dance the night away in. Did we forget to mention those dudes stomping down the runway in skirts with cropped tights underneath? Yep they were there too...

What would you wear to say Ciao to Milano?

Enough chat, here's some eye candy:

spring-summer-2017-menswear-gucci-milan-look-003_BYInstylelook Street-Style-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2017_bypopsugar Street-Style-Shoes-Bags-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2017_bypopsugar
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