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Not Your Typical Tunic and Legging Duo…

I'm always thinking about what to wear, and sometimes it's not an easy task because I might really love particular dress but it may be too hot out for those long sleeves and darker colors. As much as I'd love to control my style, too often outside factors like weather, daily activities and even what I look like in the mirror that day dictate what outfit I'll choose to glam myself in. With that said, today I decided to pair the Frosted Asymmetrical Tunic with the Crystal Ruched Legging.

Here's what I love about these 2 pieces coming together:

  • I totally love the uneven hem cut on this tunic. It gives an extra unique edge to a casual design.
  • It's fitted and loose in all the right places. Fitted in the bodice, while loose in the hips.
  • It's light and breezy for those hotter days, so going out for a drink or even running errands, it has just the right amount of glam to give you an "I'm stylish badge" without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Love all the color options, makes it easy to match up with a legging or if you are just feeling like wearing a Raspberry Pink for the night. On the other hand, this tunic also comes in a Frosty Green and Sky Blue if you're just running around in it during the day but still looking all-time good! There's even more colors, check them all here.
  • Love the soft silky feel
  • Last, but not least this tunic is super awesome because the cut looks good on all body types. Whether you are narrow or curvy in the hips, you'll look pretty damn sexy in it! Check out the 2 pictures below of the Maloka Fashion Show in Slovakia and as you can see two women of completely different figures are wearing the same tunic and legging combo and in my opinion both look awesome! What do you think? Did one wear it better than the other?
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