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This Week’s Styling Duo: Casual In Pink

I've been craving some Pink these days and not just baby Pink. I want Fuschia Pink, hot Pink and all shades of Pink will do. This Pink craving led me to pull the Savage Culture Pink Rosette Delicate Dakota Tunic Dos for my wardrobe. This top is super cute with it's arabesque knit shoulders and 3D knitted Rose at the neckline it wears particularly well in the summer and early fall. Here's why:

1- It's 100% Cotton - I don't know about you but an all Cotton top feels great on my skin and I don't have to worry about sweating like a swine.

2- The colors/design are an absolute thrill. If you like dressing girly and pretty in Pink then you will totally understand my sentiment.

So, this super cute top is on and then I am struck with the decision of: Do I want a skirt, legging or pant to pair it off with. I quickly decide that legging just isn't right because this top hits me slightly below my hipline (I'm 5'5'', 40in at the bust when measuring around the fullest point, so no this isn't my bra size - just quizzing you on your fashion measuring skills. I chose a Medium (US 8-10) in this top because I like my tops fitted). I didn't have a cool enough skirt to compliment this cutie, so I decided to try out the Maloka: Rose Petal Ruched Pant in Black and guess what - it's perfect! Here's why:

1- The pant is just unique enough not to overpower the cutie top. The uniqueness is at the ankles: It's ruched in the form of a rose petal. Other than the fab ankles, this is just a super comfy loose fitting pant.

2- I love wearing these pants on a warm day because they feel so breezy on. It's easy to move in them and feels light as a bubble.

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