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Bejeweled Bubbly: Spring/Summer 2016 Styles

The East coast may have just endured a burly blizzard, but I (along with the fashion world) can already feel the sexy Spring breeze as the palm trees wave hello and the Caribbean sea sprinkles its oh so seductive invitation! Laying out on the silky sand while enduring the warm welcome of the sun on our bosom has never felt so good, and all we need now are the perfect outfits to seal the deal with our favorite upcoming season. Let loose and allow your body to slip into this Spring 2016 seductive collection filled with colors of the sea, sand, champagne and jewels.

Get ready to learn the hot hues for this Spring/Summer 2016 fashion collection! Think Rose Quartz, Peach Bellini, Sky Serenity, Blue Sea Snorkel, Sunny Buttercup, Baby Blue Shell, Lilac Gray, Hot Fiesta, Iced Cappuccino and Frosted Martini (or Flash Green) (for detailed look at each of these, click here)!

Sneak peek time to some of our favorite picks for the 2016 sexy weather: Maloka Spring/Summer 2016 Catalog For a high luster finish on luxurious fabrics such as Linens and the silkiest Cottons you've ever felt, click this picture for more of our loved: Maloka!

If you love Dolcezza, click it for more like it! Dolcezza Spring/Summer 2016 Catalog

If you are like most of us and in love with Zoe's classic color that just looks hot no matter the season, then click this pick for more like it!

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