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Fashion Feng Shui Style: Lucky Colors Of 2016

The smell of pine, hot chocolate and the undeniable bright lighted decorations are definitely upon us because no matter the temperature the feeling of the Holidays is oh so present in our hearts! All this means that 2016 is almost here and everyone around the world wants to know what are the Feng Shui colors to wear when we are toasting Champagne glasses with our loved ones and dancing to our most happiest rhythm. 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey, therefore, start searching for sexy dresses in the following colors:

Very Lucky: RED...

Maloka Colored Diamond Twist Dress

Why? Red hot fire from the fieriest monkey of all is what you need for 2016!

Savage Culture Red Rose Petal Dress Sashla

Dance the night away while wearing your most luckiest color!

Think hot, think sexy!

L33 Paris Artists Palette Dress

Sexy stockings to match?...

Fiore Corset Bow Netted Tights

Yellow is the next lucky color for 2016...

Steaming yet?...

Savage Culture Sexy Sunflower Tassel Dress Yovana

Yellow can be so mellow, yet so intriguing...

Savage Culture Purple Fuchsia Dress Rila

Purple is another luck color to grace 2016 with its charm...

Maloka Asymmetrical Diamond Princess Dress

Do you love Purple as much as we do? It is for the wild at heart...

Savage Culture Purple Rose Long Sleeve Wendy Dress

How about some enchanting elegance in Purple?...

Luna Luz Sensual Feather Dyed Dress

Some of the other colors that will make your upcoming new year very lucky are: Pink, Brown, Orange and Magenta. Need some dress ideas in these colors, shop our color wheel: click here.

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