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Fall 2015 Coat Carousel

Our Fall 2015/16 Diamonds and Sexy Treachery Collection is in full swing. It's time to shed the spotlight on a our chic coat carousel! Are you ready to slip into not only something warm but something ferociously elegantly seductive?

White Diamond Coat

Cotton Jacquard with Velvet Patchwork. Comes in 3 colors: White, Black and Purple Diamond. Chic A-line cut, put it on and feel yourself lengthen in all the right places. The jacquard detail will embrace all styles you desire to wear underneath whether it is a destructively sexy dress or an even sexier counterpart - a luscious piece of luxurious lingerie. Anyway you wear it, slipping on a White Diamond never felt so warm or looked so hot before this! Maloka White Diamond Coat


Cinnamon Rose Coat Mirta

We know you've had Cinnamon on your coffee, but have you had it on your coat? Get ready for a new flavor of outerwear this season: Cinnamon Rose Coat Mirta! Lightweight, smooth feel of an all cotton coat with a twist of baby roses and a sprinkle of Limoncello on a cinnamon foundation can sound ambitious, but when slipped on, it has an everlasting appeal for the young at heart! Maloka Cinnamon Rose Coat Mirta


Wicked Asymmetrical Pea Coat

The thing about this coat is that, well, it's wickedly asymmetrical! Wool, nylon and cut-up hemline are the ingredients that, when slipped on, make this coat the scrumptious style morsel we've all been waiting for. No, really, see for yourself! Maloka Wicket Asymmetrical Wool Pea Coat


Zebra Zest Zippered Jacket

How about a short coat to rock your wardrobe? Here's why we love this little jacket: it's easy to wear and just as unique and chic as a long coat. Fabric is all cotton, so it's great for the travel-minded gal and will certainly work with many different outfits! Savage Culture Zebra Zest Zip Jacket

We've got many more coats on the glamour rack (and more being added!) - just click here and go to the magical world of Wild Curves Coats!
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