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Delicious Designs For This Summer’s Sundress Scene

Maloka Wild Apricot DressHave you ever hand picked a ‎Wild ‎Apricot‬ (‎Dress‬) from the Mediterranean? We have, because it only grows on the fashion trees of wildcurves.com! Have a peek, this dress is designed by Portugal's feminine feather in style and creativity: Maloka. This brand believes that we women of all ages and sizes are meant to shine while feeling comfortable and sexy all the time!
Hand-stitched blooming jacquard garden anyone!? Yes, that's right, remember how to be Savage this Summer because Savage Culture is coming back with a blooming vengeance. They've got Eden on their mind - yep, the Garden of Eden with all its colors, vivid blooming scenes and most importantly the dress cuts that are sexy as hell - get it? 🙂Savage Culture Blossoms & Blows Jacquard Karen Dress
Dolcezza Topsy Turvy Tulle Daisy Sundress It's topsy-turvy time, but wait, there's French Tulle involved too. Guess who's bringing you these sexy numbers? It's Dolcezza, they rock!

Grab those designer sunglasses, we've got more hot sundresses by Maloka to show you!
Maloka Organic Cotton Kiss DressMaloka Tropical Hibiscus Dress
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