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Christian Mastropierro Of Culito From Spain Snagged

Recently we delved into a new designer world of fashion: one that comes from the Canary Islands, which is as free and fun as the styles produced by brand Culito From Spain. A unique part of this collection is that the name is as popular as its owner seems to be. Christian Mastropierro, as his name suggests, is the mastermind behind this label. He "is the man with the beard flying his Canaries Flag high," as noted by Ms. Castro in her January 27, 2014 article and "always proud of the colors it represents." Speaking of hues, the man with the beard says that is his main export: "color" and since we have yet to visit this beautiful place of non-stop pigmentation, we will agree with Ms. Castro when she says, "Of course he’s right. The sun nearly never leaves our skies." Christian is not your typical designer, he uses photography and storytelling on each and every garment produced. With the help of designers from all over the world and his knowledge as a photographer, he captures the essence of the fairy tale and transports it digitally onto the garment. What's more is his view of the female's shape as a silhouette of intrigue and confidence, which is quite profoundly seen in the designs of his dresses. “When a woman goes into a shop and chooses one of our dresses, subconsciously she has chosen a story that has an affinity with her. She is showing some of her inside on the outside, said Mr. Mastroprierro.” After having seen and felt the this label live at Who's Next Paris this past July, we too came to be intrigued with these designs as perhaps the wolf was with Little Miss Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs, so you can now find many of Culito From Spain styles here.
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