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Savage Culture Sexy Style Inspirations

Savage Culture trends are so sexy that they made it to Wild Curves! Their collections are designed under a four style fusion recipe: Pop, Romantic, Ethno-Chic and Vintage. Sneak a sexy peek at how tasty these trends are...

Savage Culture Sizzling Sonia Sundress POP Trend A great variety of elements gives color to this trend mixing new geometric patterns with floral motifs, stripes, polka-dots and a very feminine and chic urban touch. COLORS: A range of acid colors like orange, red, pink, blue… are used over a basis of well defined white and black.

ROMANTIC Trend: The flowers are predominant and appear on garments with a never seen feminine cut that accentuates the figure and emphasizes it with volume enhancing its curves. Sometimes with small squares, sometimes with Ibiza style lace edgings that give sensuality to the garments. COLORS: This season, the chromatic range of romantic colors slightly turn pale and leave us grays, blues and whites over which other eye-catching colors have the license to appear.

ETHNO-CHIC Trend: It is one of the most captivating trends where ornamental motifs tell nice stories about tropical landscapes, sometimes combined with squares, patterns, stripes or polka-dots that fuse together with purely “Animalia” prints and plant motifs coming from the deepest jungle. COLORS: A varied range is present in this trend that goes from white colors “finished in ashes”, exotic pinks to pale blues and Beiges that are the basis for citric oranges, greens and reds.

Savage Culture Baby Doll Daliah Mini DressVINTAGE Trend: The most charm motifs have its space in this trend, with beautiful period dolls, delicate or retro flowers, mixed with polka-dots or Vichy squares which have been recovered from the trunk of the past and renewed with the company’s own touch, resulting in collections with a high personality. COLORS: Predominance of white, black, red and marine blue that opens the way to other colors like olive green and a series of pastel colors that refresh the warm summer days.

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