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Fall’ing In Love Forever

We have a secret that is so big, so beautiful and so brilliant that we can't keep it quiet any longer! Les Fees Du Vent has made a grand entrance on the world's Fashion Stage and has appeared wearing a new even more magical style than ever. Cecile, LFDV'S master artist and creative clothing chef has transformed this already fairy tale like fashion into wearable works of art exclusively for Wild Curves - are you getting hungry yet to learn what inspired this scrumptious style? We know your appetite is sizzling and your thirst is drizzling to know more. So, bon appetite dress-a-licious divas - the main course is filled with the tastes of Van Gogh, the tales of Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" and the elegance of Paris' most renowned Cathedral: Notre Dame while induced with seductive sides of Victor Hugo's romantic and medieval themes.

This entire nouvelle couture collection is even more enhanced to providing the most optimal fit for all women of all calibers and shapes. The material has been upgraded to 500+ thread count of cotton, thus creating even clearer and crispier colors to magnify all designs and hand-made appliques on the fabric.

All of the new collections for the Fall/Winter season have been uniquely named and we know you can't keep your curiosity contained any longer, so here it is!

Arianne Collection is all about: Medieval Romance . This means you will see dresses, tunics and pants with hand-made flower appliques, lace on the waist and at the hem as well as images of the Notre Dame Cathedral uniquely positioned on the garments. All of these enhancing features are placed in just the right spots on your bodacious bodies to create the sexiest of spotlights for every curvy angle!


As you can see, the hues here are hot and very appealing in shades of gorgeous greys, bold blues, natural greens, pale yellows, coffees, and of course sugar whites and classique blacks.

WARNING: Style Preview Here:

Breathe, there's more to love...

Bellisola Collection: Pays homage to Tostoy's Anna Karenina and uses distinct imagery: 1- An ice princess in a Winter land of wonder. 2- The feeling of a blistery cold night nibbling at your lips, while a sexy moonlight shines in the distance giving way to an icy foot path midst the rude, but romantique feeling that someone is watching you as you slip and slide because he is bewildered by your beauty. This is done through the use of various fine materials such as cotton, lace, silk and embroidery placed just right to achieve a sensually risque style.

SNEAK PEEK: WARNING: Style Spoiler Here:

Are you in the mood yet?...

Sansa Collection: Using Van Gogh's artistry to express fashion via an urban attitude. Using materials such as spandex and mesh to define style with the stimulation being graffiti and an urban princess's desire to bloom into a suburban sunflower as illustrated by Van Gogh's paintings. Once the princess has unraveled into the flower that she is, her beauty glistens in the sun. The transformation of the urban princess into a beautiful sunflower is captured in this new collection by LFDV. The hot hues used to show off the sexiness of this newly awakened flower: African Violet, Luscious Lavender, Sun Yellow, Bold Blue, Grass Green and Classique Black.

SNEAK PEEK:WARNING: Style Preview Here:

The temperature is rising and it's not getting hotter outside...

Catelyn Collection:: Think passion, love, red hot roses with burning prickly thorns and medieval chivalry - these are some of the motifs that are represented in this cunning collection. It is all done through knits made with exclusive Jacquard weave fabric creating sculpting lines of erotic design.



Have I had enough pleasure or do I dare to embody my evil side?...

Cersei Collection:: Imagine you have allowed yourself to escape into your world. You are drunk with power and dominate every step you take. You are the evil queen of every fairy tale you have ever read and you revel in poisoning the apple of anyone that gets in your way! This collection also uses knitting and lace, but in a devilish and selfish manner. Showing off the sexiest parts of your body and saying: "You can't have it, it's all mine!"

SNEAK PEEK:WARNING: Style Spoiler Here:

It's time to revel in my greediness for exquisite style...

Arya Collection:: This is all about recognizing that there is a time and place for everything and now is the time to stroll down the boulevard, while eyeing whatever interests you, while knowing that you are being eyed as well. All about fantastic colors and being complete. This is done through the use of corset, lace and embroidery.

SNEAK PEEK:WARNING: Style Preview Here:

Yara Collection:: A tribute to painter Jackson Pollack for his abstract expression of art as well as Joan of Arck. This creation possesses the meaning of all art forms and real life where all things can be perceived in many different ways and that there is always a third dimensional illusion present in all that we do and all that we are. This notion is portrayed in this collection with the use of a fireworks motif as a way to say "an explosion of life". Here all fabrics come together: wool, lace, embroidery, knitting with Jacquard fabric and the use of sculpting lines to show off the true beauty of the body when these garments are worn.


WARNING: Style Preview Here:

Yes, we know you are in fashion ecstasy, but wait, all of these wearable works of art are available in sizes 4-20 and can be yours with the click here Now you are really flying high!
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