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Days Away From Snatching That Sexy Dress

UPDATE: We are officially open and all of Dzhavael Couture dresses can be yours, just go to the Curvy Shop!

Big news on the fashion horizon: The wildcurves sexy shop is opening THIS WEEK! Keep your tabs on wildcurves.com and our FB page for the exact hour that with just the click of a button you will be able to acquire the latest Parisian styles that will complement curves of all calibers!

Don't stop reading -  I am about to divulge another designer that will be showcased on wildcurves. This week get ready to be wowed with the sophisticated, but seductive styles of  Dzhavael Couture! The colors this couturier is bringing to you for the upcoming seasons are: delectable chocolates, coveted crimsons, coconut whites, and my most beloved "Christian" grays.  What's even more delightful about this collection is that all of their styles have a stretch to them.  Desirable dresses, tasteful tops, slinky skirts - you name it, it all looks smashing on you!

Measure your curves ladies and find that lucky number ranging between 6-20! Oh and while wildcurves is blogging about Dzhavael Couture, you can be grabbing it from our online shop - the countdown to the unbelievably happy shopping starts NOW!

Here's a quick glimpse of just a couple of styles from Dzhavael Couture that can be yours before the week is up!

HOT! Asymmetrical dress putting a sexy spotlight on everything from the provocative points to the waist and the hips!

Butterfly black tunic with purple, yellow, green, and red coloring the sides and cuffs! Great with pants or leggings.

There are many more styles from this designer to be unveiled during THIS WEEK'S opening of the wildcurves cyber store!
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