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Mini-dress a la Mode By 2026

I am always on the look out for clothing that can grace the scene of many joyous occasions and never look out of place, instead be under the stylish sexy spotlight! Mini-dresses that are formal enough to wear to a ceremony of two hearts joining as one, while still be sassy enough for a girl's night out to the trendiest hotspot in the metropolitan is what I am absolutely in love with and know you will be too!One such designer that will light up the dance floor of any gala is Amsterdam's own 2026! Deux Mille Vingst Six, as its name suggests is the future of fashion! This Dutch collection gives you the fashion freedom to decorate your dresses with the appropriate accessories depending on the occasion. See for yourself! This little red dress with fitted torso and shapely skirt, allows you the liberty of the look - adorn it with flats, heels or a wedge.  Add a shoulder shawl or leave those arms bare - the point of style is up to you because 2026 gives you the power to play dress up to your own designing desires!For more exclusive style secrets from 2026, click here!Oh and the magic numbers are 6-16! For a chance to own similar sexy styles, go here!


  1. Hiya darling, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! Take a look at my blog to see what it’s about http://www.acidbrights.com

    Em xx

  2. Thanks Emma! Will do!!!

  3. This outfit is great, I love your dress 🙂 !

  4. Thank you Audrey! Stay tuned to wildcurves.com for more 2026 designer dresses and the opening of our sexy online shop! Like us on Facebook for discounts!

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