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Shine Sexy In This Sundress!

Fashion passionates,  I have hit our shopping hotspot again and here's what got my hips dancing with excitement: Dolcezza knee length sundress! It's thrilling when you have a dress that is just as sexy, dressed down fun as it is dressed up fancy. Here's why I had to have this dress:1- Love the colors! The A-line skirt simply makes your waist and hips shine in some of this summer's hottest shades: yellow, turquoise, and white. The top is sleek, sexy, and sleeveless in black, commanding the eyes to stare on all the right spots.2- Relish the material! A little stretch gives way to a lot of body contouring on the top (no worries - remember, the top shines in the safe color: black) while still showing off those sexy provocative points. From the midriff down it is all lace, lace, and more lace! Oh and I almost forgot - there is a silky petticoat too!3- Savor the features! Wear it with fetching flip flops or with seductive stiletto sandals, either way your curves will shine sexy!Fashion divas on the hunt for more dresses, catch it here!
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