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Oh Those Doms!

Shoes, shoes, shoes - why do we love them so? Do your feet ache in them like mine do? Do you squeeze your feet into unbelievably narrow spaces with skyscraper like heights and absolutely no cushion -  like I do? Why do we whip our feet into submission just to feel that pain? Is this the case when pain is pleasurable? Perhaps, it is a brand of kinky fuckery that we females decide to play on ourselves? (After all, Christian Grey does have a thing for none other than Christian Louboutins.)  Painful and more painful, but oh how I love those stilettos, platforms, pumps, wedges - you name it.  I will walk and then dance in them!See for yourself why I have a hunger for those heels! Maybe you will get hungry too!Let me know which heel you'd love to wear and which heel you'd love to hate! Drop your line in 'comments'!
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