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Curvy Scoop: Futuristic Shopping

How is the world of technology transforming retail? This seems to be a sexy topic. How would you feel if you never had to walk into a store again and you could do all your shopping needs (even trying on clothes and shoes) all with the simple clicks of a few buttons? What if your cell phone could be more than just a transporter of simple communication, what if it became a transporter of finance and could be used in the place of credit cards? What if with the use of the mouse and clicks you could attain a full body 3-dimensional shadow of yourself that you could project out and that would become your brand-spanking new virtual dressing room? Would you appreciate this type of solo shopping or would it freak you out? What if when you occasionally did want to go back to "old school" shopping, you were never bombarded with salespeople just fluorescent tablets? Well, Macys and other department stores are teaming with Google to bring a similar sort of "Futuristic Shopping" to our souls. It's "Back to the Future" all over again!
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